Purse Chaos

I found a great tip to end purse chaos for good. Most women cringe when looking deep into her handbag, like Linda, the lady who wrote the article. I'm not like other women who change handbags frequently. I'm too lazy when it comes to transferring my stuff from one bag to another, hehe. So whenever I look for something in my bag, like my mobile phone for example, I used to be confronted with loose change, hair clips, candies, receipts and bills, until I found this article. Her tip: "Start emptying your purse into a basket every night." I found her tip really useful because doing so will not only force you to trash clutter but also remind you to pay your bills or mail a letter. Plus, If you decide to change your purse the next day to match your outfit, it'll be much easier because all your belongings are in one spot.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Linda, I also have all sorts of stuff in my bag and wallet because I don't change bags too often....feel lazy too...(grins). And sometimes I can't seem to put aside some papers because I might still be needing them.

Thanks for the good tips.

LadyBanana said...

That's an idea worth thinking about, I have far too much junk in my handbag - (we call a purse a handbag here, a purse to us is the thing we keep our money in)

vhiel said...

hello mommy lisa.. i have a tag for you here..

Momhood Moments

And I just purchase a new domain so if you can update my url from vhielscorner.blogspot.com to vhielscorner.com, if you have some spare time... not in a hurry naman.. salamat..

Anonymous said...

That is one of the best tips I've heard in quite a while. Easy to do and effective. The only thing being I can see myself letting clutter build up in the basket .... :)

Max said...

Hi Liza,

This is a great tip, however I don't have this issue, cause even though I change purses a lot I never carry too much with me!

By the way, yout tip of for the Hypertension relief (Orange peel tea): it works!!! Thank you :D! [I don't know if I had already told you this or not]

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, darling :D!


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