Soda Alert

No party is complete without soda. The only thing about soda is that it's all sugar. Aside from that, soda contains phosporic or citric acids which can damage our teeth. Recent studies show that the high fructose corn syrup which gives the sweet taste to sodas may cause uric acid overload. Try to avoid drinking soda like water. Two to three glasses should be fine when you're in a party. You may also try other drinks or if all else fails, filling up on a nice glass of cold water is better.


monaco said...

I used to drink more than 10 glasses of soda a day (!) when I was still working with McDo (free kasi). But since then, I have tried my very best to avoid the beverage preferring water of fruit juice instead.

Specialty writing said...

I believe if you drink too much soda for a long time, even diet soda, this acidic drink can cause GI problems. That has been my case. You can also become addicted to it. This has happened to me, too. So if you haven't started drinking a lot of soda, please don't get started. You might want to try Crystal Light. They have improved their product.

Steel Building said...

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