The Zoo Country

Yesterday, my son and I were surfing the web looking for a list of the top 10 endangered animals for his homework in science. My son, being an animal lover, couldn't contain his eyes when we landed on the Zoo Country homepage. He had a virtual field trip in the zoo!

If you need to do a research on zoo animals, endangered animals, facts, information and everything you wanted to know about the animal kingdom, the web site is the perfect online resource. You'll find the cutest animals, the ugliest animals, the biggest, the smallest, weird and funny animals and many more. My son especially liked the pika. It was named the second cutest endangered animal in North America in a recent World Wildlife Fund. The little, cute animal faces extinction as global warming is forcing the animals to move higher up in the mountains, leaving them with fewer housing options. Pikas can be seen at Denali National Park in Alaska.

The web site also offers Animal Activities and Crafts, he had fun playing "Match the Animal" game and almost forgot about his homework. Animal books and toys are also sold here. This is one web site that I can highly recommend parents to allow their kids to view.

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