Another Baby Shower

There's another baby shower coming up and this time it'sfor my cousin, Emily's. Yesterday I had a secret meeting with my other cousins. We discussed about the baby shower while having coffee. Everyone was really excited because Emily is going to have twins, both are girls.

I told them about the nursery furnitures I found at shopwiki because I was thinking of buying two dressers for the babies. But when I saw the little rocking chairs, I changed my mind. They are absolutely cute and I'm sure you will all agree with me, the picture says it all. But then one cousin asked, what would two infants do with rocking chairs? They can't use them until they're able to sit by themselves. So I finally settled in with the changing tables. At least Emily will find them safe and convenient.

If you also need to shop for baby furnitures, try the web site. They have everything for you and you baby. And don't worry, their furnitures come in variety of colors to match your nursery.

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