Catch It and Get Hooked

Have you heard about the new line of shoes called Blowfish? These cute and comfortable shoes are from the designers of some famous brands such as Rocket Dog, Esprit, Sam & Libby, Hippopotamus, Aerosoles and David Aaron.

I was so surprised when a package arrived yesterday. It was for me! Hubby and the kids wanted to surprise me on my birthday but the Blowfish shoes came in really early. They probably heard me complain about my feet. Managing my store requires me to walk and stand up all the time and I always have achy feet in the morning, so they thought of giving me a pair of this nice and comfortable slip on. They chose a version of the popular selling hobbit boot, I know, because I checked the web site.

I also found the Blowfish Men's Shoes and the Blowfish Women's Shoes very attractive. And I think I'm always the last to know when it comes to fashion, lol, these blowfish shoes have already made a global mark in Europe and Australia, and now in the US, women are catching on to the great look and feel of Blowfish. They've got wonderful combinations and styles and the prices are really affordable. So if you want comfort or you're out to surprise somebody, try blowfish.


Outback-Pinay said...

Hmm. I might check this one out. Looks comfy.. :-)


cathy said...

Those look really comfy. It would take alot for me to give up my Birkenstocks, but I might give those a try.

keerthi said...

i have added u in myt list kindly link me to thanks nice posts have a great day

Toni said...

Those look cool. I will have to check them out. Hope you are enjoying them!

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