Chew a Gum

It is always wiser to pop a piece of gum into your mouth before heading to eat out when you're on a diet. Choose the sugarless or sugar-free variety. Studies show that this simple trick can reduce your food intake by up to 25%. Chewing on the gum seems to trick you into feeling fuller.


Patricia Rockwell said...

I am a chewing gum fanatic. I find it also helps to chew gum after a meal (instead of dessert) and it is still like a sweet treat!

Fernando C. Zamora said...

hi, long time no see but now see now? i was trying to look for you link after my first blog accidentally deleted my links. until i stumbled on the posted info from ppp where a blog listed you... thanks i am back and i checked my link in your blog i am still there. thanks a lot. regards and happy blogging.


I agree completely. I carry gum with me everywhere and do find that it sometimes help curb my hunger.

MIRA said...

That's a great idea. Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps you to feel fuller too.
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eastcoastlife said...

In Singapore, it is illegal to buy or chew gum. It's banned.

Zip n Tizzy said...

My boys had their first piece of gum this weekend and they both had quite a time with it!

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