EC Partners with Sez Who

Does anyone here still don't know the power of Entrecard? I don't wanna be talking about what EC does for bloggers, you all know that and we're all enjoying the traffic it drives to our sites. What I'm trying to tell you right now is about EC's partnership with Sez Who. Hats off to them for another brilliant idea.

Bloggers have been earning entrecredits through dropping cards and clicks. Others have joined contests to accumulate more entrecredits and some are buying. But now, there's another way of earning more credits. Members are rewarded with credits when you leave quality comments on other members' blog. But that's not what I'm after when I decided to join. It's the valuable contributions that counts. I'm sure you'd like to get great comments for the articles you've worked so hard on.

Check out the partnership now, visit Sez Who and join.


{girl}forallstatus said...

hi mommy liz, off topic lang. I'm looking forward to meeting you when we meet up with ria next week. hope you can make it =)

TanyaJane said...

dropping by here liz

Pretty Life Online said...

great idea... thanks for sharing .. Just passing by... Hope to see you around at my corner too... Have a great day!

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I like this partnership too and wrote a post about it at (I'll ad a link to your post on mine as well!)

I'd much rather spend my time reading and commenting than just card dropping and leaving to get credits.

Alexander Morentin said...

Sounds very exciting.
I think the potential is huge for all of us.
It's already having a positive impact on my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend. :)

DorothyL said...

This is an excellent topic because it allows others to state their pros and cons in regards to e-cards and drops.
I am fairly new to the game and as we all can agree traffic is essential not only for strengthening our blogging power and perseverance, it allows us to meet so many new people from all over the world for a very minimal cost.
I have enjoyed reading and learning from so many different minds. It is also proof that there is good in the INTERNET world!

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