Friends Night Out

Last night, hubby and I were invited at the soft opening of our friend's restaurant. It's her first venture in business and being a foodie like us, she thought of franchising Mang Inasal, a small restaurant catering to grilled chicken lovers. She invited all of her closest friends and it was really nice seeing them all again. The group ate at the mezzanine which was reserved for her closest friends and I couldn't help but notice the beautiful brass railings which enclosed the place. It somehow gave the restaurant a semblance of classiness. I admire her for having good taste, the Brass Railing went well with the ethnic design which she chose to give her restaurant that authentic native look. It looked so nice that I had to ask her where she got those from.

The night went smoothly and hubby and I enjoyed the company of old friends. The foods she served were equally tasty and the succulent grilled chicken, Bacolod style, went well with the garlic fried rice. It was so good that I totally forgot I'm on a diet. We all went home sated.

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