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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Must-have Plants

Having potted plants at home do not only make it green and beautiful, we can get a lot of benefits from them. Here are some of the easy to grow "must-have" plants in your home.

Aloe Vera. My mom uses the gel on her scalp, as much as possible, she tries to apply it everyday. Do it to have thicker and stronger hair. The plant also has healing properties, applying the gel to minor cuts speeds healing and might lessen scarring.

Lavender. Based on study, the fragrance of lavender can calm nerves and encourage deep sleep. Try putting the flowers in sachet and slip it beneath your pillow.

Citrus Tree. Aside from providing you with vitamin C, the citrusy scent can keep you awake when you're feeling sleepy.

Gerbera Daisy. This colorful plant is a natural air filter. It cleans the air of toxic pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde which can aggravate asthma and cause dizziness and headaches.


Mayet said...

I have got lavender and aloe vera in my window garden. and started to dry lavender flowers to be mixed with bath salt.

by the way, pls vote for Karen in the cutie child contest,you can check her pics in my site, thanks a lot

Leslie said...

wow, great post! I love the smell of lavender. I do believe I*m going to try that pillow thing.

MJ Ces said...

My lola used to have a planter's pot of aloe vera. She uses it whenever she hires a hairdresser to do her hair at home.


Mummy SHENG said...

those are good must-have plants!

Imelda said...

sis i am amused with your posts, here. always interesting.kudos!

Raquel said...

I used to have an Aloe Vera, pampakapal ng buhok. *wink*

mjsterling said...

wow nice tips..I should try the pillow thing...I was going to put a plant on our patio but haven't got a chance...So I might get the lavender next time, I also love the smell of it.

Mayet said...

hi again! salamat sa pagboto sa baby ko. have a nice day!

kikamz said...

i have been wanting to place plants in our home but haven't quite decided what kind to grow. now i have an idea which plants are best indoors. thanks a bunch!

dare said...

your site is interesting to visit!!!!!
Have a look on my two sites too.......

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