The Power of a Woman

When my daughter was younger, she always tells me that she hates it every time her monthly period comes. I really can't blame her because her cramps are terrible but I had to explain to her that menstruation is a natural biological process of women. And every woman needs to go through that every month to get rid of accumulated tissues that the body doesn't need anymore. During those times, I wasn't even aware that it can save lives too. How? It was only recently that I knew about it. C'elle, allows us to collect and preserve those vital stem cells from our menstrual blood. The stem cells can be used for future therapeutic developments to treat diabetes, stroke, heart disease, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. And what's great about this service is, other members of your family, who are genetically related to you, your parent, sibling or child may also benefit from it.

I won't tell you more About the Science because I want you to check it out for yourself and read on C'elle Client Testimonial client testimonial. Go ladies! We have the Power.

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