Planning a Picnic

It's going to be my daughter's birthday on Tuesday, September 02. We have not planned for anything yet because it is a school day and she usually goes home late from school. I'm thinking of going on a picnic next weekend. It's been a long time since we last went on a picnic. Hopefully, there will be no rains on Saturday so we can go down the South and have a good mountain view.

I won't have much time to prepare for food so i figured a picnic would be perfect. I just checked out the gourmet food web site and thought of ordering Seafood and Shellfish basket. My family loves sea foods so much and I'm sure they will be happy to have mini crab cakes, smoked sturgeon and lobster meat. I've heard so much about their "melt in your mouth" smoked sturgeon and I'm dying to try it. I'm sure they won't call it "queen of all smoked fish" for nothing.

I heart this web site. Saves me a lot of time and worries from preparation dilemmas. If you're planning for parties, picnics or gatherings and don't have the time to prepare check out their gourmet food gift boxes. You can order everything there, wines, steaks, desserts, seafood, shellfish, appetizers and Hors d'oeuvers , Foie gras, caviars, truffles and many more.

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Maipaz! Ikain nyo na lang ako. -Tito Winslo

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