Ways To Help Your Heart

You can seriously lower your risk of heart disease with just a few minor tweaks to your daily routine.

  1. A few deep breaths daily can lower heart rate and blood pressure so try to inhale slowly from time to time.
  2. A few minutes of walking [10 to 30 minutes] everyday is enough to strengthen the blood vessels and lower blood pressure.
  3. do you drink too much coffee? If yes and your heart is racing, decrease your coffee intake to a maximum of 3 cups. It means your heart is being overworked.
  4. Eat more garlic. It has compounds that relax blood vessel walls which lowers blood pressure.
  5. Flossing after meals can ward off gum disease that can lead to artery damaging inflammation throughout the body.


mles said...

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Thanks in advance.

Nancy said...

Hi mommy Liz...I just got my PR back..thanks for that inspiring words you wrote to me before...I'm now returning here the favor.. Thanks a lot!

coolingstar9 said...

Inhale slowly, walk few minutes, eat more garlic and eat less coffee can strengthen the heart, that's really a good information.
Liza, I learn something newm have a happy and healthy life, best wishes from coolingstar9

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello mommy Liza =)

very doable and simple tips to help keep the heart healthy! thanks for posting!

Max said...

Hey Liza,

How are you, darling? :D
I hope you had a fine weekend! Mine was peaceful, thank God :D!

Ok, by what I read in this post, I am not eligible to heart diseases cause I do yoga, I walk everyday (10 km), I do some other exercises and eat properly!

But it is always a pleasure to read your tips, girl!

Keep up the great job and, have a great week!


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