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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food For The Brain

Many of us think that fish as brain food is just a folklore but recent studies prove that it is more than that. They found that elderly men and women who ate fish/seafoods regularly did better on cognitive tests than those who didn't or ate just a little. Eating fish can play a positive role in mental health.


Karen said...

I just noticed in your "about me" that you bowl. I am a terrible bowler. Do you bowl on a league?

TMinut said...

Seriously, I just blogged about my *sniff* mental decline. Just this morning, I realized I have another incident to add to it - AHHH! We do eat fish here, the favorite is salmon. Glad to find it's "still" true that it's good for the brain.

Tina said...

oh really. i eat fish alot. i love it! what a clever girl i am then lol

Rambler said...

Too bad fish is so full of mercury that it really isn't safe to eat more than occasionally now. I love fish!

Tagging you with a blog award if you are interested. =)

Mommie said...

Funny, I just ate that today! Maybe I should eat more...


Mobile eBooks Etc said...

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