For Art's Sake

Do you have precious art possessions that you need to ship to another place, display or store some place else? Original paintings are so valuable that they need to be handled with extra care. Don't take any chances, you need experienced handlers to transport those original artworks.

Mind's Eye offers an array of the finest services making sure that your painting will arrive safely. Their services are customized to your art, your needs, and of course, your budget. They are not limited to transporting paintings and portraits, they also offer services for sculptures, age-old documents, chandelliers, antiques and many more. You can sit back and relax and expect Mind's Eye to do the most artful job for you. They utilize the most innovative protection techniques and protocols to ensure that your work of art will stay in its original condition.

Every work of art is independently insured and each piece is packed by hand with ample protective measures. You will definitely be pleased with the services they offer and they even maintain and adjust temperatures during shipping and art storage to make sure your artwork are preserved and protected properly. Rest assured that Mind's Eye's professional teams work directly with you to determine the best solutions.

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