The Good Bugs

Bugs are not always bad, some bugs are beneficial in certain parts of our body. Take for example the woman's most private part. I've read that the average woman's vagina is loaded with fungi, bacteria and viruses. But they are there for the reason that they usually promote cleanliness. I was quite surprised to know this but it makes sense. Want to know how? They fight one another and absorb debris. This process helps keep the vaginal environment balanced and healthy. This area of our body is designed to look after itself so take it easy on the soap and perfume products. Always wash gently and buy soaps that are gentle and if possible with pH balance. Some products are too strong and may be harmful to our most sensitive part.

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Max said...

Hello again,

So true! And most people don't know this, Liza! And so they use aggressive products that kill the needed bacteria and fungi leaving the vagina exposed to all sorts of discomforts and in some cases diseases!

This was a very educational post, congratulations!


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