Oatmeal Goodness

We already know that oatmeal helps lower or cholesterol level, but a recent study shows even more reasons why we should eat oatmeal. The yummy cereal can also also reduce the risk of weight gain. high blood pressure and heart disease. Let's give credit to oatmeal's mighty combo of filling fiber and antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory whole grains. Have at least a cup of oatmeal every day to enjoy these wonderful benefits.


MIRA said...

I love oatmeal, I used to bake oatmeal raisins cookies a lot, I guess I should start doing it again. Hey Mommy Liza, I have a meme for you, to know you even more ;-) http://www.i-exhale.com/2008/09/six-things-about-me.html

Anonymous said...

May be I should try to eat oatmeal for my breakfast from now on.

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