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My brother who is based in the US with his family, regularly sends us packages consist of US goodies. He knows what my kids love, chocolates, jellybeans, peanut butter and sometimes toys. He regularly supplies us with coffee, vitamins, soaps, lotion, linens, salad dressing and many more. But shipping them here takes almost a month so he avoids sending us fresh goodies.

I was chatting with him last night and he told me to expect more packages from him and my sister because they both registered at website. It's a US online shop where they won't go the trouble of shopping at Walmart, Costco, Toys R Us, BJ's, Great A, Stop N Stop and the likes. They can shop for all those goodies right at the comfort of their homes. Plus, they don't have to go through the trouble of packing them in a big box. It's the job of the company to consolidate and ship the goods to any address they like including the Philippines. Shipping fee he said, is very minimal, a lot cheaper than his current mail forwarder.

If you also like giving gifts and sending packages to your loved ones abroad, the web site owner is giving free trial memberships for interested parties. They also accept major credit cards.

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Alice said...

Nice post..! Well, online shopping has become more and more popular in America as we are all looking to save a little time and money.

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