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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Size Matters

One of the keys in slimming down is always keeping portions in check, but you definitely don't want to carry around a set of measuring cups especially when you're dining out, lol. Learn and remember to eye-ball diet-friendly sizes with visual cues.

According to Lisa R. Young, Ph. D., the author of "The Portion Teller Plan", 3 oz. of meat, poultry or fish is about the size of a deck of cards; 2 tbsp salad dressing is equivalent to 1 shot glass; 1 tsp butter or margarine is the size of a postage stamp; 1 oz. cheese is equal to 4 dice; 1/2 cup rice or pasta is half a baseball; and 1/4 cup nuts is a golf ball.

The next time you're eating out, just remember these visual cues to avoid overeating. :)


Max said...

Hey Liza,

This is why I am against diets: who on earth has the time to measure food? No, thanks! lol

I eat properly and I exercise and believe me, it is a very good diet plan!

I wish you had a fantastic weekend, darling :D! I did have one myself!!

Wishing you a great week ahead...


Lisa/starbursidereus said...

great tips! thanks for sharing :-)

mm said...

good tips but hard to do=)i love to eat hehehe

Laane said...

I don't know the size of a shot glass, so I guess that's the reason I never use salad dressing...or is it the other way round? LOL!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Best advice I got was to immediately ask for a to go container when you order food at a restaurant. Take half of that meal and pack it away. If you can't see it, you may not eat it and it's also a money saver-you get a whole other meal the following day! :)

My Life's A-musings said...

Thank you for regularly dropping by my site "My Life's A-musings". I have placed a widget of your card on my sidebar that will last for a month. This is to show my deep appreciation for your regular visit.

Race said...

good tips liza, wish i can do that hahaha!

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