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Friday, September 19, 2008

When you wear high heels...

Painful bunions, calluses and corns are the most common causes when you wear high heels too often. But did you know that it;s not just the feet that suffer? it can also affect your posture because they put stress on your spine, resulting in back problems. Long periods of wearing them can shorten calf muscles, leading to hip, knee and back problems. When no one is looking, take them off and try to relax those feet. ;)

1 comment :

Judy said...

Boy! Can I identify with this! I used to work in our downtown area, rode the bus to work and back home again. Had about 1/4 mile walk from bus line to home through a gravel alley. This was back in the late 50's when 4" heels and pointed toes were fashionable. OH! My aching feet. And it's true, I have back problems now and serious problems with my legs and hips. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately it came 50 years too late, but perhaps can help some of the younger girls! Just dropped in to say "hi" from entrecard

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