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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Woman's Brain

Compared to the man's brain, a woman's brain produce less serotonin. This is probably the reason why women are 2 to 3 times more likely to suffer depression and are irritable when under a low card diet. Eating carbohydrate-rich food such as rice, bread, pasta and fruits stimulates the the production of serotonin and keep depression at bay.


Annette said...

dr0pping here, ate liz!


This is really interesting to know. I do eat a pretty low carb diet. I need to remember this when I get the blues.

Max said...

Hey Liza,

Indeed, indeed...although in my family women have high levels of serotonin (some go beyond the levels attributed to men)! I don't know why, don't ask lol!

But I agree with you: diets are killing women, psychologically speaking, so I say - stop dieting!! Exercise more!

Dear, I hope you had a magnificent weekend! I did :)!

Wishing you a fantastic and blessed week...


MarlyMS said...

yes i agree

Leah said...

That's pretty interesting!

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