Dad is a Better Cook

Some things my friends look forward to when they come here at home to visit is good food, my fresh fruit juices and of course, home-brewed coffee. I came from a family of foodies and my passion for cooking was influenced by my dad who is also a good cook. My sibs and I grew up seeing our dad cook our meals during weekends. Mom can cook but her cooking is "miles away" compared to dad's. Oh mom, I hope you'll forgive me if you ever read this. ^.^

Dad is meticulous in everything, he makes sure he uses only the freshest ingredients. And when a dish calls for chicken liver, chicken liver it is... no substitutes. He does his cooking the old-fashioned way and each ingredient is peeled or prepared by hands. I think he's afraid of kitchen gadgets, lol.

Although my cooking was greatly influenced by my dad, I, on the other hand, love using gadgets. I like using food processor to chop onions and other vegetables, pressure cooker to tenderize meat, fruit presses and coffee maker to homebrew. These gadgets make my task easier and they're real time savers... gives me more time to blog. ^.^

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manilenya said...

your dad is like my dad Ate liza...everytime there is occasion, it is my father who's busy working in the kitchen.

ellen said...

my hubby is also a good cook according to my mga simple lang na luto, wag lang masabing walang alam na luto...hehehehe

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