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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Healthier Heart with Chickpeas

Consuming 1 cup daily of chickpeas supplies you with 70% of folate, the recommended amount to lower levels of amino acids which make the heart weak. The beans are high in magnesium, a mineral that increases circulation and strengthens blood vessel walls.

One cup of chickpeas provides molybdenum, a mineral that helps cleanse the body of headache-causing sulfites. The soluble fiber in the mighty beans balances blood sugar and provides slow-burning energies to prolong satiation and fight cravings.

These golden legumes possess high stores of trytophan, the amino acid that soothes anxiety to help prevent stress-induced munching. To sum it up, the detoxifying enzymes in chickpeas enhance health and speed slimming.


Toni said...

Love them! Love them on salads!!!

Shaik said...

hi thr bloghoppin this s ma new blog care 2 buzz me

asmaliana said...

An interesting fact, I always thought that peas will cause wind problem at your stomach..

Laane said...

I love them.

I read an article the other day stating we consume too much magnesium.
I haven't yet looked into the matter. Have you?

Mizé said...

Hi. We love peas, and we cook them frequently, as well as beans. Just didn´t know exactly why they are so recommended, specially the stress reduction part.

quarter-life lady. said...

God bless the chickpea. And hummus.

Beat Black said...

o yay! i love chickpeas but only ever eat them at my parents house. I'll for sure be buying my own after reading this. seems like a good way to spend my money now, lol

Shinade said...

Oh they're one of my favorites. I too eat them on my salads all the time!

Oh my I am doing good huh? And you are always here to help me know that.

Thank you Liza!!:-))

heidi said...

I love chickpeas so this is super news. Will get some at the store tomorrow!

LY said...

Honestly my husband and I don't care for peas knowing that they have lots of health benefits. But we are trying to eat at least once a week.

levy m. said...

FYI I have just tagged on my blog :) have a good day! ~

bryanski said...

I honestly don't know what chickpeas are or what they look like. Better do some research now. :)

Raft3r said...

ewan ko ba
pero di ko talaga gusto lasa ng chickenpeas

Liza said...


chickpeas are called garbanzos dito sa atin. sayang di ko nalagyan ng photo, pangit kasi yung shot ko hehe.

Advanced Wellness Solutions said...

YIPPEE!!! I love chickpeas and now I know they're good for me too!!! (Who DOESN'T need to reduce their stress these days!!!)

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Woman Tribune said...

I love chickpeas! I think it's more of a mild obsession, actually.


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