The Painful Breakup

According to reports, one out of every two marriages in the US is failing. In other parts of the world it is also on the rise all the time. Most families have become dysfunctional and the sad part is, coming from a dysfunctional family is widely becoming fashionable. Even here in the Philippines where divorce is not permitted [but annulment is allowed], many families are crumbling.

For most spouses, breaking up not always so easy. I know that because I've witnessed two cases, my brother's divorce and my brother-in-law's annulment case. I've seen both agonize over the break-up. It was troubling, time consuming and expensive.

It seems so easy for couples to get married because they know that if their marriage does not work, they can easily apply for divorce. They may have justifiable reasons to decide on ending their marriage and getting a divorce, and from my own point of view, couples are better off with a divorce rather than keep suffering and be abused.

When couples decide to end their marriage, they should have a good attitude about it. One important tool in coping with it is the person's mindset. Learn to accept it and deal with the pain instead of trying to lock it away. Seek help from professionals to guide you through every step of the process of divorce.

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