Resetting The Timer

Do you have irregular monthly periods? If you're tired of guessing when it will come every month, try resetting your monthly timer. I read the article of Dr. Michael Smolensky, the author of The Body Clock Guide to Better Health, and he says that placing a bare 100-watt light bulb 3 feet from the head of your bed can do the trick. Leave it on while you sleep on days 13 through 17 of your cycle [day 1 is the first day of menstruation].

According to him, "Menstrual cycle are strongly affected by nighttime moonlight exposure. And when women mimic a mid-cycle full moon in their bedrooms, they often start menstruating like clockwork."

The simple tweak can regulate unpredictable periods in just 3 months.


Shinade said...

Hi Liza,
This is one great advantage to getting older. No more periods....just hot flashes!!LOL;-)))

Laane said...

Yea...someone told me that many years ago.
And I was nuts enought to try.

Didn't work.


How interesting. I would have never imagined!

monica said...

i wonder if it will work, interesting. :)

Max said...

Hey Liza,

Fortunately for me, I am as regular as a clock: always on the same day of the month! That is why I always know when it is coming, being easier for me to calculate things!

Nevertheless, I have taken notes of this tip, because I know for a fact that most of your tips work!! :D

I hope you had a fantastic weekend (mine was ok)!! And I wish you a delightful week! :D


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