The Secret to Youthful Skin

Want to have youthful skin? A nightly facial massage and an ice cube are the key to youthful skin. According to Swedish researchers, facial massage can reduce sagging by 62% after 8 to 12 sessions.

To do: Massage your forehead with small circular motions using the index and middle fingers of both hands, work your way out toward the temples. Then place fingers at the bridge of the nose and again work out toward the temples. Next, place your fingers at the corner of the nose and work your way across the cheeks and out toward the ears, then around the jawline and down the throat. Repeat the steps twice for a total of 2 minutes. Then rinse your face before rubbing an ice cube over it. Then apply moisturizer to the face and throat.

They use this process as treatment in spas so I'm sure it's going to work, I'm going to try it tonight. ;)


cherry/girlforallstatus said...

I used to think that touching or tagging and pulling your facial skin too much would cause sagging skin. di pala.

twinks said...


great beauty tips.
now I know other use of ice cubes aside from pampalamig..hehehe..
will try this too and will tell my mom about this, she's a beauty freak!!

take care :]

francesca said...

hi mom! thanks for voting and supporting always. hehe. :)

Laane said...

... and then you'll look even more beautiful in your sleep.

Anonymous said...

excellent posts who wishes to remain youth .. keep rocking.. visit ma blog and add me as your frnd

Sam said...

Sometimes we synchronize in our post. Your talking about "the secret to youthful skin" and my latest post is about "dry skin". LOL

Sometimes I do the ice thing it usually close the pores. That is why it goes in the final touches.

The massage I'll try to conscious about it. Because I actually do that when I'm applying a cream or moisturizer on my face.

I love this post Liza... Surely, a lot of women love this too.

Shinade said...

You always come up with the greatest tips.

As I am now 50 taking care of my skin is even more crucial than ever before.

I have always avoided the sun and have used creams and lotions even as a teen.

I am happy to say that most people are are shocked to find out that I am in my 50's.

This is now another step in my nightly process that I will try also.
Thanks for the tip:-)

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