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I am not a person who gambles but I have a lot of friends who love going to casinos to have some fun. There were several occasions that I went there with them and to pass my time while they are playing I play the slot machines. A lot of people enjoy playing slots because it is easy to play and does not require any skills to win. Actually, it is one of the most played games in any casino. It has gained so much popularity that now, you can play slots online.

If you like playing slots, there is a fun web site where you can enjoy the game so much and earn a lot of bonuses at the same time. Some of their slot machine sites will give as much as $5K for newbies. Slot Machine Fan does not guarantee however, that you'll hit the jackpot because your chances of winning a million dollars is about the same as anyone else's. Rather, the site will help you become an expert. They have useful articles, slot machine tips, strategies and even slot machine cheats. You may choose to play for free or for money.

Click on the lick and check what each slot sites are offering their players. You can even take a sneak peek and try out the games first before taking part. Pulling those levers and hear the noise of the clanging coins dropping down, I'm sure it's gonna be exciting.

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