Night-eating Syndrome a little known eating disorder that is characterized by underlying depression, and one in five people with a serious weight problem could be suffering from it. Night eaters eat lots of carbs and sugary foods. If you do have this syndrome and pretty concerned about it, it's best to talk with your doctor about it.


ellen said...

dalawa kmi ng hubby ko na may ganyang klase ng syndromes...heheheh

your "Health Assistant" said...

i think my night eating syndrome start when i didn't go to bed early because for a long time that im awake i feel hungry that's why i try to go to bed early to stop myself from eating many times at night

biyahilo said...

hi, just dropping by :)

cherry/girlforallstatus said...

i think i have this disorder. mas matakaw ako sa gabe.

Max said...

Hey Liza :D!

How are you, darling? I am all right :D!

This disorder is terrible! I had a friend who used to be a night eater...she'd call me at 3am chewing food! And yes, she had a weight problem...the only difference is I never saw her depressed (but we never know, people pretend happiness too)!

Thank God, she got over it!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, darling!


PinoyCopywriter said...

It's also having midnight snacks, right? I'm guilty of this.

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