Rubber Stamp Champ

For all your rubber stamp needs, you can make a click stop at Rubber Stamp Champ dot com. The web site has launched a new web design but of course, they are still offering the great stamps you've always loved.

I have just ordered several custom rubber stamps for Christmas. My daughter and I are thinking of making our own Christmas wrappers from plain paper instead of buying expensive wrapping papers. It's a great way to economize especially now that we are on a tight budget. The site's design wizard will help you customize your own rubber stamps in whatever size, shape and color you want. Whether you want text only stamps, signature stamps, logos or you want to make your own design, all these can be done with just a few clicks. Here's more, click on SPECIAL and you'll find over a dozen rubber stamps slashed, half the price, and shipping is FREE!

Together with the launching of their new web design, Rubber Stamp Champ also launched the most recent addition to their line of products, the Go Green. These stamps are made from 78% recycled materials and they are laser engraved pre-inked so you won't be needing rubber stamp pads and makes over 100,000 clear impressions before you need to re-ink. Click on the links to know more.

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