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Hubs and I used to travel a lot in the past. During summer vacations, we travel with the kids and have been to most parts of Asia. The last time we did, we took the tours to China and they especially enjoyed the train trip from Hongkong to China. We also spent a few days in Shanghai and visited some of its most historical landmarks, the Bund and Xinatiandi. We had a great time there and the food was superb. The only thing they didn't like about China was riding the bus, they have a lot of small streets and the bus drivers drove like crazy.
We have never been to Europe but hopefully, next year we can all go. Our son is graduating from primary school and I'm sure he'd love us to have that tours to Italy we've heard so much about. Hubs and I are saving really hard for that. My mom has told them about the beauty of Naples, one of Italy's bustling cities and the breathtaking views of the city's most popular places.
I have already inquired about Italy tours and all the while I thought traveling to Europe would cost a fortune. The knowledgeable and friendly tour managers have explained to me that the tours are very affordable. Now hubs and I need not worry too much about how much we're going to spend, the hotels come with luxurious accommodations that are easy on the pocket. If you too, are planning to travel to Italy, China or other far away places, this web site is well worth a look.

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