Psychic Readings and Fortune Telling

I have a lot friends who believe in fortune telling, feng shui, psychic readings and horoscopes, most of them are Chinese. Every time a major decision is to be made, they consult not just one expert, but they also seek help from fortune tellers and Telemedium Phone Psychics. If someone dies in their family, they would seek advice as to where and when the dead person will be buried. If the psychic tells them that the person should be buried in the North at exactly the given time, it will be followed. Even when it comes to purchasing a new home, expect them to talk to a psychic first to know if it has good vibes and if it will bring them more luck.

In almost everything, be it a wedding, personal problems, sickness or business, they ask guidance and help from a psychic. It may sound weird to some of you but it's really true. My mom is also half Chinese and half Filipino, though she was brought up the Filipino way, she would call a pychic line every time she needs advice on something. It somehow helps her put her mind at ease. How about you? Do you also believe in psychics?


Nancy said...

I have nothing against the Chinese practice and I have nothing against fortune telling either... it actually excites me, lol! I have tried it alredy.

Max said...

Hey Liza,

As you know I am mystical, so these things are quite normal to me, however I do not depend on them to make every single decision in my life (I also follow my instinct). However it is good to know that these things exist in order to help people, isn't it? :)

I hope you had a great weekend, darling :D!

Have a marvellous week ahead! God Bless!


Cascia said...

I don't believe what psychics say. But they can be quite entertaining.

Running mommy said...

I don't think so. But some of them are very sensitive and may pick up on personal stuff you weren't even aware off. In this way they sometimes do help.

In a way it must come in very handy to really believe in them: if you got a problem, you don't have to call the A-team, you just call a psychic.

Mary Ann Moreno-binuya said...

Feng Shui is a fact. Psychic readings, I believe sometimes. It's entertaining!

Vastu Tips for Wealth said...

Well.. Personally I hate to do all this.. But my family forces me to believe in all this.. Unfortunately sometimes I believe in those things....Unwillingly. Because some things go rite according to these psychics..

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