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My sister and i grew up with Barbie. We were so amused with our first dolls because of their bendable arms and legs. Dressing them up and styling their hair is our favorite past time. Barbie became so popular, many girls dream of having not just one doll, my daughter even wanted to have one every time a new Barbie comes out in the market. I even know a local celebrity who happens to collect Barbie Dolls, she was featured on TV and her collection almost filled up her room.
I was dropping my entrecard last night when I passed by several blogs having this party widget. I got curious so I watched, I can't believe that at my age, I had fun watching the video. Amy Poehler did great on presenting Barbie on a new level. I loved the interview portion, where young girls talked about their most memorable Barbie moments. Makes me reminisce my own Barbie moments.
I'm going to embed the video here so you too can watch it. Or you may want to get your own widget here and embed it on your blog. Watch it with your daughters, I'm sure they'd love to see how other Barbie enthusiasts enjoy their dolls.

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