You're a Woman, Be Proud!

While I was in my pre-teens, I have always despised the thought of having my monthly period. And when the dreaded moment came, I had nothing to do but live with it. I later came to realize that I should not really make a big fuzz about it, I still feel "normal" even on those days. Now it's my daughter's turn to feel that way. I can't blame her because unlike me, she suffers from terrible stomach cramps. During menstruation, she can't move well because of the pain. I had to tell her that every woman needs to go through that process every month to get rid of accumulated tissues that the body doesn't need anymore. I give her prunes and pears before and during her period to help her deal with cramps.

Little did we know that the period we dread can actually save lives. I have heard about cord cells, but it was only recently that I heard about the potential of stem cells found in menstrual blood in saving lives. You can view about stem cell C'Elle Testimonials here.

The stem cells are collected and preserved to be used for future therapeutic developments to treat diabetes, stroke, heart disease, MS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Studies are still being made for the stem cell's ability to treat and heal wounds and to put the breaks in aging. Meanwhile, I'd Order C'elle Now if I were you. It's always good to be prepared if and when someone in the family gets hit by a major disease.

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cherscrap23 said...

Wow, very interesting...thanks for sharing Liza!

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