No More Chicken Neck

Having problems with neck sag? You can outsmart it with this simple tip I found. To tighten the neck and jawline, place both hands side by side if front of the throat. Using your fingers, push the skin on your neck firmly upward to the chin and then outward toward the ears, circling down to your collarbone. Repeat twice. The motion helps increase blood circulation and drains fluid buildup. According to the article, doing it daily should result in leaner neck in four weeks.


Mira said...

Luckily I don't have this problem yet ;-) but thanks for this great tip. It will come handy in time. Have a great weekend Liz. I'm back again, I had some visiting relatives so was out of touch for a week.

Tami said...

Hmmmm....we'll see if it works.

I am Harriet said...

Hi There.
Today I'm leaving 100 comments.
Wish me luck!

nisha said...

Hi sis, yeah i hope it works fine esp when am older ;)

sparkzspot said...

Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

nisha said...

Sis! i've answered your inquiry about the HTML for the "buy me a coffee".. i don't know if i've explained it right, but you let me know if you have any further inquires :-)

Have a nice day :-)

Max said...

Hey Liza,

My doctor taught me another trick: try to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue and keep it that way for as much time as you can...this will force the muscles of the jawline and under chin to work.
All I can tell you is that it works!

Thanks for another good tip, darling :D!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! And that all is well with you, my friend *hug*!

Have a blessed week ahead :D!


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