Easter Surprise

Easter means bright and pastel colors, easter bunny, chicken and egg hunt! Last year, I have discovered a delicious goodie for our Easter egg hunt. I made rice crispy treats and stuffed them into plastic eggs. They are soft and they easily conformed to the shape of the eggs.

But this Easter, I'm going back to candies. I plan to make the treats different for each year to keep the "surprise" element. I have already made my bulk candy order at Sugar Stand. If you are also looking to buy sugar treats for your egg hunt, you may want to visit the site, they have a wide array of selections. They have mini M&Ms, Haribo Techno Bears, Gummi Twin Cherries, Haribo Gummi Cola Bottles, Starlight Hard Candy, Hershey's Factory Favorites, Gummi Frogs, Gummi Peaches, Haribo Licorice Wheels and a whole lot more. They even have Sugar Free Gummi Bears. You can save a lot of money when you buy wholesale from the internet rather than going to a candy store and buy them per 100 grams.

Kids love surprises and what better way to give them a different selection of goodies than having just one kind. Sugar Stand will definitely give them the surprise they want.

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GAGAY said...

happy easter te liza!!!

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