Easy Healthy Recipes

Coming from a family who loves to cook and eat, my passion for cooking was influenced by my dad who is a very good cook. I grew up watching him cook our meals during weekends. My mom can cook alright, but her cooking is "miles away" compared to dad's. I hope she doesn't read this, or she'll kill me, LOL. Dad is very meticulous when it comes to preparing meals, he makes sure he uses only the freshest ingredients. He doesn't like substituting ingredients, for him that means changing the dish or the original recipe. He does it the old-fashioned way, slow cooking and each ingredient is peeled or prepared by hands.

Although my cooking was greatly influenced by my dad, I, on the other hand, like modifying the dishes. Just like the Vietnamese Rolls I made the other day, it's not a chicken recipe because the original recipe calls for ground beef. But I used ground chicken, I find it lighter than beef and it's healthier.

I also get help from 1001Recipe, my family is not fond of eating fatty foods, and now that my kids are older, they are more conscious of what they eat. I found the site while looking for a pizza recipe one time. I signed up and from then on, I kept coming back for their Easy healthy recipes! Actually, I was just there a few minutes ago and got a copy of the Pasta Alfredo with Tilapia recipe. I will be serving it for our Sunday dinner. To get access to these healthy recipes, click on the links to be directed to the site.

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