Knowing The Best Time

They say timing is everything especially when it comes to the accuracy of certain health screenings. According to experts, getting tested at an appropriate time can lead to blotched results and needless worry. Know the best time to schedule these important screenings:

PAPSMEAR - The best time for this is during mid-cycle, about 10 to 16 days after the start of your last period, when cervical cells are less likely to be obscured of menstrual blood.

FASTING BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST should be done first thing in the morning. Research shows that testing in the afternoon can lead to missed diagnosis because at this time blood sugar levels are naturally lower.

BLOOD PRESSURE TEST should be done in the afternoon. It may be higher in the morning, plus your morning cup of coffee can elevate readings.

MAMMOGRAM. The breasts are less tender and are not as likely to have benign lumps a week after your period ends, so schedule a screening during these times.

Thank You Stesha!!!


Stesha said...

Excellent advice! When I was pregnant with the twins my dr. had me take my Glucose test in the afternoon and the results were horrible so I had to come back the next morning and take it again.

Hugs and Mocha,

Sandi said...

hmmm I just got a pap done seriously...days after my menstrual cycle. It didn't seem to affect things. I will remember this in the future though.

Superman said...

Good advice. I didn't know that glucose test is better done in the morning.

Friendzworld said...

nice info
have a nice day

Laane said...

Fasting bloog sugar tests should be even more standardized than they are now.

I needed to bicycle for an hour to the hospital and then wait about half an hour.
So how well does it represent my fasting sugar level when I'm at home?

Kat said...

I never knew that especially the one about the papsmear which reminds me I am overdue. Thanks for the info.

Mariuca said...

Hi Liza, I have a tag for you here, come and get it! :)

Imelda said...

hi there

Max said...

Hi Liza,

How are you, dear? :) I hope you had a quiet weekend! Mine was peaceful - thank God!

Now, about your post: the only thing I knew was that blood tests are to be done in the morning (before breakfast).
But I didn't know about the rest so, thank you :D!
This is why I love coming here, every week I learn a new thing :D!

Have a great week ahead, my dear friend!


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