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Friday, May 8, 2009

Naked is Best!

Popcorn is a healthy whole grain, the kind linked to lower rates of heart disease and diabetes. And you'll love it even more with this great news: People who nosh on popcorn everyday consume 250 percent more whole grains and 22 percent more fiber than those who don't. That's according to a study conducted by researchers from The Center for Human Nutrition in Omaha, Nebraska. But hey, not because it's healthy, it gives you the license to pig out on "loaded" popcorn while in front of the tube or at the movies. Remember this, a tablespoon of butter adds 8 grams of artery-clogging fat and 100 calories. A little oil is better than that, but of course, naked is best. Can't have it plain? Add a dash of paprika or other spices.

Thank You Monica!!!


Monica said...

oh I love Popcorn! LOL @ naked is best ;-)

Dwacon® said...

Here is a hint...

Take some of that heart-healthy spread... you know, the one with the omega-3's and the other healthy stuff.

Melt it over hot water, or GENTLY in the microwave (be careful, it splatters like crazy and burns easily.

Put in some cayenne or your favorite seasoning (cinnamon is good... and lowers your blood sugar) and enjoy!


Kloggers/Polly said...

I'm not sure whether these are available to everyone but they are lovely, have hardly any calories and give your body a break from wheat ... I am talking about Corn Thins by Real Foods. This is an Australian product - each Crispbread slice is 97% Fat Free, Gluten Free and provides 10% Dietary Fibre - 22 calories per Cripbread. They are non GMO ... and if you are able purchase a packet, like me you will pick them up every time you go Grocery shopping.

Great Post!!!

Cascia said...

I had no idea that popcorn could be good for you. Of course you would have to leave out the salt and butter but that is what makes it taste so good!

Ebie said...

I love mine plain and naked, hehehe, and only at the movies.

Max said...

I love popcorn Mmmmm....

But I didn't know any of this info, so it is good that I read it lol.

However, I can't eat it everyday...I love my hips too much LOL LOL...


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