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Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Good For The Skin!

One of the most misconceptions about chocolate is that eating too much causes acne. Experts keep saying there is no link to the consumption of this sweet treat and the production of sebum. The truth of the matter is, it has been found to be good for the skin. The mere scent of it stimulates the happy hormone, endorphins, while the chocolate itself has moisturizing properties. In fact, spas are now offering it as body treatments, from chocolate milk baths to chocolate bean scrubs and mus masks. I'm finding more and more reasons to enjoy my favorite treat. :)

Thank You FC!!!

KARELTJE en ikke !!!


Anya said...

Never heard about it :)
I learn a lot on your blog Liza ;)
Anya :)

Sandi said...

I would love having it painted on my face!!! haha That would have to smell awesome.

maiylah said...

parang mas gusto ko kainin nalang yung chocolate .... lol. :)

Cascia said...

I have heard of using it for facials and baths. There are even a lot of skin creams with chocolate and chocolate scented creams. Having something like that would be so cool!

Max said...

Hey Liza,

I wonder if melting chocolate and adding a bit of milk and then spread it on the face is good for the skin...what do you think?

There are wonderful chocolate spas nowadays...

I wish you a marvellous week, my friend! I hope all is fine with you :D!


monica said...

I'm a chocoholic Mom! Good thing it doesn't cause acne. That's a yummy treat for the skin.

Tagged you on my page btw. :)

Xeph and Reem said...

I have a tag waiting for you. XD

here's the linky :

James said...

hiii...Grab coupons on Skin Care products at and save money...

lorela said...

i love spa! chocolate spa is definitely a good one :)

would love to see you over at

and share your Goldilocks moment. :)

i am a mom, too!

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