30 something?

Take it easy and don't worry too much on those extra pounds. Carrying a few pounds could hold the key to aging beautifully, experts say. Scientists found that women with voluptuous curves were less likely to have prominent wrinkles, prematurely hollowed cheeks and sagging skin than those with skinny bodies. Haha, I'm so happy to have come across this one, but I hope this won't give me an excuse not to exercise. I'm overweight and I know I should lose some of the excess weight, if not all.

Okay, going back, extreme dieting and exercise to maintain a super skinny body often starve the body of necessary proteins and fat. Lack of protein deprives skin cells of the essential amino acids that are needed to replace dead cells and repair tissue damage, which causes wrinkles. And depleting available fat stores drains the tissue in cheek pads that provide support and volume to the face. So if you want to look younger, don't lose too much, getting too thin ages you.

Both celebs are in their 50s, who looks younger?

Madonna - Sharon Stone

Next post, I'll give you a list of foods you should include in your diet for a younger looking you, so stay tuned.


Kate Burton said...

I know Madonna but who's the one on the right?

Anya said...

I am waiting on your diet for a younger looking ....... LOL

nancy said...

oo nga, who's on the right mommy? :D

Kloggers/Polly said...

I do see what you mean ... but spare a thought for us older women who aren't bottle blondes and haven't had any facelifts. These two ladies, I believe, are a fan of the knife. Of course, there is Helen Mirren who is more than ten years their senior, Pauline Collins (out of Shirley Valentine), Julie Walters (Abba the movie) ... now all of these are natural. They haven't had Botox they haven't been carved about they are lovely and are truly inspirational to us all!

kikamz said...

will watch out for the next post ate liza! i am not that old but it is never too early to take care of your skin.

btw, paki update po ang aking link URL for the blog JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. It is now http://www.kikamzpera.com/. thanks ate! i grabbed pala your button.


Imelda said...

hi ther how are you??/

Mhar's Display said...

I will stay tuned :) the woman on the right is Sharon Stone :)


Anonymous said...
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