From Brittle to Flawless

Stress not only spoils your mood but it can also spoil your looks. Just like with your nails, stress redirects nutrient-rich blood away from them, which makes them weaker. Experts recommend taking a multivitamin with a calcium supplement daily to significantly strengthen your nail palate.

Protect them with rubber gloves when washing clothes or dishes. The moisture leaches out of nails when your hands are soaked in water. Immediately apply a bit of lotion after you're done dishwashing to seal moisture back in.


Anya said...

Yes I now
I must wear rubber gloves
i always forgot .... LOL

nancy said...

i have a very weak set of finger nails too kahit di naman ako masyadong naglalaba.

Dorothy L said...

I have met so many women that complain about splitting nails and no matter what they take or do they cannot seem to stop them from splitting.

I take horsehair pills (herbal) they are good for hair and nails.

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