Erase Blemishes

Out of pimple cream? Here's a way to get rid of problem pimple you can do at home and save you some money. Crush one aspirin tablet and add two to four drops of lemon or calamansi juice to form a paste. Apply to affected area and let sit for 20 minutes. The salicylic acid in aspirin and the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in lemons penetrate pimples, causing dead skin cells and trapped oil to loosen so they can be rinsed away.


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

I wonder if this would work on Rosacea type of blemish. I'm allergic to aspirin, but have used an icy hot stick sometime which has salicylic acid in it, so guess it would be OK to use. I haven't heard of clamansi juice before. Fresh lemon juice is a great body wash though!!!

Anya said...

You have always so great tips :)
Thanks Lisa (@^.^@)
Have a nice weekend :)

StaceyC4 said...

What a great idea! And it seems to me that lately I'm hearing all kinds of other uses for aspirin. Last week I heard that mixed with something and made in to a paste, it's great for pedicures! Go figure!

Pasyalera said...

This is great tip! I'll try this at home.

monica said...

will definitely try this mom Liz! Thank you for this tip. :)

MommaDJane said...

What an awesome tip! I'll have to try this out the next time I have a blemish. I knew to use lemon juice to remove self tanner if you got too much in certain areas but never thought of using it for pimples.

Ria said...

Not that I have pimples, pero paminsan-minsan may naliligaw...hahaha. Masubukan nga.

Max Coutinho said... this is what I call a bloody good tip!!

Hey Liza,

I will try this if I get a pimple (it happens sometimes).
Tell me, do you think this would work for damaged skin as well (some people after having a rash realise their skin is damaged with bumps and dark marks)? Let me know, please.

Thank you for this amazing tip! :D

Have a great week ahead, girl! I am gathering all is fine with you and yours :D!


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