Knowing The Best and The Worst

When I was new to blogging and have decided to purchase a web hosting solution, I did not bother to ask anybody. I was shy to ask anyone, so even without any knowledge on how it works, I did it on my own. I knew of some friends who were using the same web hosting solution so I thought it's alright to purchase the same one they are using. Only to realize later that I made a big blunder. I really should have asked them first and made sure that the company is reliable. I learned later that they were just waiting for their contracts to finish in order for them to switch to another solution. There were more downtimes than uptimes!
I had no other choice but to wait up for a year. A few months before my contract was to end, I did my assignment. I asked around and searched the web for the best web hosting providers. It wasn't so hard because I found a site where comprehensive reviews of the top web host providers were done for people like me. Here, all the best providers are presented to you with all their plans, features, and prices complete with their web hosting awards. All you need to do is choose which of them fits your criteria and budget. No more sweet talks, no more promises, definitely lesser downtimes and each subscriber is given their own dedicated servers.
This is a free service site to guide those who are looking for the best hosting services and know which are the worst through their web hosting reviews. You can also find web hosting instructions and tips on how to make money with web hosting. Check the site for more info.

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