Hubs' Baby, The Civic

My husband drives a Honda, it’s not of the latest model but he is proud that it still performs very well. Despite its age, his friends still admire its impressive handling. It is well-maintained and hubs makes sure that it gets regular tune-ups, change oil and the likes. One of his friends even commented that his Honda still oozes with sex appeal.

This car is his baby that he thinks I envy (lol), and my son's favorite. He is still in the process of modifying the engine but has already installed some parts to improve its handling. He likes it simple without much body modifications but he's open to body kits and have been sourcing out the web for simple car body kits. Little by little, he is buying parts like exhaust systems and suspension parts that would improve the car's handling. Although Manila is like a parking lot due to traffic on weekdays, he lets it rip in the tollways were its engine really shines on weekends. He has received several offers for it being an original import from Japan (which is very rare). The latest one was from a group who would like to modify it for an upcoming car show. He's still thinking, but he might go for it as he will be getting the parts and the body kit for free.

If he does agree, I just hope the car won't turn out like a bachelor's car after all it is still a family car. :)


Anya said...

Men AND cars ...... LOL
Mine husband is the same ;)

Tita Beng said...

Your/J's car to be modified for free?...Is he tempted to agree? but it is still at it's best.maporma pa rin!

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