Red in the face

When was the last time you felt really embarrassed that you went looking for the nearest EXIT SIGN so you can just disappear? Mine happened a couple of years ago when hubs and I went to see a movie. After the movie, we were in the mood for some fast food, so we decided to eat at our favorite Japanese buffet. I had a cold then but figured that since I was taking meds and was feeling a lot better, going out was alright. After all, I had been cooped up in the house all week long. But just as I was about to take my first big scoop of Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice) from the buffet, I erupted more than a dozen sneezes, holding up some people behind me.

At one point, I sneezed so hard that I smacked my forehead against the plastic sneeze guard hanging over the food counter. And when I looked up, not only did I see the disgusted faces of people around me, but the entire restaurant was chuckling after my "head-butting" act. At that point, all I can think of was to look for exit signs and run. One of the restaurant staff was "kind enough" to rush over and asked if I needed ice for my bump!

That day, I swore never to dine out again and discovered that food delivery is the safer way to go during sick days. How about you? What's your most mortifying moment that made you wish for an exit sign?

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levy said...

This is a very funny situation. I have so many embarrassing moments in my life, I am not ready to tell it yet. Maybe some other time in my blog.

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