Selling Online Soon

My sister-in-law, who owns a craft store has been offered by her thread supplier to sell their products online. She's been contemplating whether to accept or not because she is worried about not being very knowledgeable when it comes to selling online and building her own website. She knows hubs and I manage several blogs so she asked if we could help her. Of course, we are willing to help. Offers like that don't come very often and this could be her big break considering the current economic situation prevailing globally. The craft store is not doing too well, add to that the damage caused by the two typhoons that ravaged Luzon in the last two weeks. Expanding online could turn things around for her.

I've been helping her search for a hosting site that would host her online store. Looking at all those stuff she could sell, from different brands of threads, patterns and almost all kinds of arts and crafts materials, I had to consider the bandwidth. I am so sure she’ll be getting a lot of traffic and she’ll be uploading her catalog of products as well.

I'm looking at inmotion host right now. So far it's the cheapest and they provide a range of competitively priced hosting plans suitable for all types of sites, whether it's a small personal webpage or a large e-commerce business, needing huge transfer and storage quotas. Inmost will also take care of her domain registration and will help her through the process of building her website. I am just waiting for her go signal so we could start building her online store. Hubs and I are so excited for her and we are very positive this is going to be a hit.

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