Bathrooms As Pure As Possible

Just like your home, it is important to keep your Baths and bathrooms as pure as possible for the health of all those who use them. With toxic gases emanating from cleaning supplies and the possibility of harmful microbes on counters and other contact points, mold in little seen corners, chances are your bathroom needs a once-over. Here are some tips to make your bathroom a healthier place for all.

Closed doors trap heat and moisture from showers, so your bathrooms are prime locations for mold to grow. To help dissipate the heat and humidity, it is important to leave your exhaust fan running for 20 minutes or so after showering.

It will greatly help to have those no-touch soap dispensers that give you a quick squirt of hand wash without adding a potential contamination point.

Know what's inside those cleaners. Swap harsh anonymous cleaners for products with ingredient lists. Manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to list the contents on the bottles. If you are not sure what's inside the container, you have no idea what kind of fumes you are spreading around your house as you clean.

Consider swapping aerosol cleaners for a dry steamer. Low0moisture steamers apply hot, quick-drying steam to cleanse surfaces from chrome to tile and can zap mold before it starts to grow. Unlike chemical cleaners, these steam cleaners don't leave buildup.

Believe it or not, a clean and well-organized bathroom can enhance your life beyond measure.

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