For Dry and Chapped Lips

The cold weather leaves our lips dry and chapped, and many of us are unaware that the problem often lies with the usual remedy... lip balms. Certain flavorings in lip balms, like synthetic menthol can be irritating, leaving a cracked mouth feeling worse.

To soothe dry and chapped lips, try using petroleum jelly, which is free of flavorings. It is gentle on your lips and can relieve chapped lips in three days.


Kloggers/Polly said...

Good post - did you know that you can also use Vaseline as a quick hair conditioner when you run out. You simply put a tiny pearl drop on your palm - rub hands together and lightly rub into hair. Leave for two minutes and shampoo as normal - it makes hair soft and shiny and much more bouncy.

Tania said...

Try Alba Un Petroleum Jelly for a petroleum free option that is more natural!

Monica said...

thanks for sharing this Liza and have a nice day! ;)

Fernanda said...

I invite you to visit my blog.

Max Coutinho said...

Oh my God!

They don't sell this in Portugal any longer *nodding*. I spent the whole month of November looking for it to no avail.

In Africa they sell this like popcorn.
It is a fine product and I highly recommend it!

Liza, my darling, last week I was out of town, but you were in my thoughts. I hope all is well with you and yours :D!

You must be excited, since Xmas is near.

Have a blessed week, darling!


Betty said...

What is even better and more natural for your skin is coconut oil. It heals the skin and moisturizes better then anything else.

You rub it on your skin and you can cook with it and eat it! Can't beat that!

Anya said...

I am allergic for Vaseline :(
I have a problem skin :(

greetings Liza (@^.^@)

Mhar's Display said...

I am using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
when my lips are cracked due to dryness. I use it on skin peels on my face too.

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lilyruth said...
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lilyruth said...

this is great info I use vaseline all the time on my lips. listen if yu wish to exchange inks with me let me know Id like to exchange links with you so let me know you have a great bog. mine is

Kathy said...

Vaseline is my friend in winter. The best thing? It's probably the least expensive moisturizer of all. No, it doesn't have sexy packaging or a fancy name, but it works.

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