Eggs Sharpen All Your Senses

Still avoiding eggs? If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that consuming eggs in the morning is actually good for you. Here are more reasons to love the oval beauties more.

CRYSTAL-CLEAR VISION. Eggs are packed with lutein, an eyesight-protecting antioxidant. The lutein that we get from eggs is more readily absorbed by the body because of the abundant fats in yolks. This antioxidant thwarts free radical damage to the retina by preventing inflammation of the macular pigment. This part of the eye shields the retina from the damaging effects of light, improving your vision.

FAST RECALL. Eggs are a top source of choline, a brain-boosting nutrient. The yolk of one egg already provides 300 mcg of this powerful nutrient. Choline is a key component of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that keeps memory-essential neurons flexible, heightening their ability to rapidly accept information.

FREEDOM FROM UTIs. Consuming eggs can help stave off urinary tract infections. Thanks to peptides, proteins found in egg whites that bind to infection-causing E. coli. This process prevents bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract.

CURB CRAVINGS. Having two eggs for breakfast each morning can reduce your caloric intake by 400 calories. Researchers discovered that the fiber and protein in eggs increase satiety by 50 %, prolonging feelings of fullness.

So you see, there are more benefits in consuming eggs than harm, you can enjoy them everyday.


Anya said...

Thanks it was very interesting
I learn here alot :-)

Have a wonderful weekend !!


Empty Streets said...

I Love almost all kinds of eggs hehehe hmm hope that doesnt get misinterpreted heheh

Hope you are having a great weekend :) xoxo

Gorgeous MUM said...

Have a blessed Sunday!

tigerfish said...

I have also taken a second look at eggs quite recently and has been eating more of them ;p

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