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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pizza Night

Hubs is feasting on this right now. It's his reward for fixing the plumbing fixtures in the kitchen earlier. I already called for plumbing service the day before yesterday, but it seems that the plumbers are fully booked, so hubs volunteered. He replaced the old, rusty tube under the sink with a new one and also fixed the leaky faucet. He's my kind of DIY guy. Thanks honey!


Cascia said...

Looks good!

Anya said...

Wow Liza !!
It looks yummieeeeeeee.......

Katherine Commando said...

WOW is that pizza from a local place? It looks SO GOOD!!!

tiny house said...

He deserves a nice looking and delicious pizza!

Tita Beng said...

How sweet naman ni J! He deserves this yummy pizza!

Oh yes, you've posted your Loki and they really have great resemblance. Para silang siblings. he he..

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

C said...

We ALL need a pizza night!

And if a human being doesn't have it-- he ought to get one! (pizza night) -- :D

EADotCom said...

Cool! Send him over here! Hahahah!

jellybelly said...

What pizza is it? Looks good! I just love Shakey's pepperoni :)

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