East Meets West

Some of the most reliable cars are not from Europe. Honed through years of development and research, Toyota, Lexus and Honda can be ranked among the best the world has to offer. Toyota leads the automotive industry in worldwide sales. With millions of satisfied owners, it continues to reign supreme. To compete in the luxury department, Toyota created the Lexus. Developed mainly in the US, the Lexus offers the quality of Japanese engineering, the toughness of American build and the styling of Europe. Honda on the other hand has built a niche of its own. It has a following of loyal patrons.

The Toyota Corolla is one of the more popular models in Toyota's wide range automobiles. The toyota corolla specs alone speaks for itself. It offers the best bang for your buck with reliability that is the envy of its competitors. The Lexus IS 350c is one of the most beautifully sculpted cars you will ever set your eyes on. Its styling and performance rivals that of its European counterparts. Looking at the lexus is photos made me think twice about European brands. For the Honda aficionados, they have come out with a multi-purpose vehicle on a class of its own. The Honda Element has a wide range of uses. I checked out the honda element photos and I saw a winner. Not quite a car and not quite an SUV, Honda once again outdoes itself.

East meets West, these three will surely give you the time of your life. And give those Europeans a run for their money.

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